Remote medical care at Del Milagro hospital

November 11, 2020 – 01:57
Del Milagro Hospital would attend consultations by phone or video call.

At the Señor del Milagro hospital they are preparing to start attending all the specialties by telephone or video call, after the resolution N§ 157 of the Ministry of Public Health was known, last Friday, which obliges to resume full care of all health services in the province. In Pope Francis they also have a project to bring services back.

The manager of the Señor del Milagro hospital, Julio Garzón, revealed that they have yet to define what the care will be in clinics. “The idea is that all the specialties begin to work and we depend on the 148 to give shifts,” said the doctor.

The manager assured that everything that was prepared to deal with cases of COVID-19 will continue to be enabled, although the number of beds may be reduced to cover other hospital needs.

“We are going to continue supporting COVID-19 beds,” he said and stated that “it would be very foolish not to suppose a regrowth.” “It is almost a fact that at some point we will have a regrowth here,” warned the doctor when evaluating the situation that the European continent is going through.

At the Señor Del Milagro hospital, the occupancy percentage of the coronavuris common room is 50 percent and that of the intensive care room is 70 percent, out of a total of 12 beds.

The project was put on pause to open a special space for the rehabilitation of patients left with sequelae after being admitted to intensive care for COVID-19. “We still don’t have much demand. Many sequelae are managed on an outpatient basis,” he said.

In Pope Francis

At the Papa Francisco Hospital, services have not yet returned, although there is a project to restore specialty care.
Almost all the workers returned to work yesterday at the hospital, except for those in risk groups. The care of patients with COVID-19 continues, but they are much less than a few weeks ago.
On Friday, the Ministry of Health ordered the full operation of all the services that depend on the provincial health portfolio.
The measure reaches all agencies dependent on the Ministry of Health, with the presence of workers, except those who are exempted, who must perform functions under remote mode, subject to a ministerial audit.
The resolution restores care at normal hours and with the corresponding biosecurity measures, in order to ensure the normal functioning of the health system.
In the considerations of the measure, it is cited that the Emergency Operating Committee considers that “the provision of health services is essential.”


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