Renault Clio: an urban that stands the test of time


On the verge of beginning the commercialization of the fifth generation of the Renault Clio, this model remains in full form, being one of the cars that month by month is placed among the best sellers in Spain. All this despite being one of the most veteran of the segment, since the fourth generation was launched in 2012, with an update made in 2017.

Despite the passage of time, the Clio remains not only in the "Top" sales, but maintains mechanical and aesthetic characteristics that make it remain a good option for those who do not want or can wait for more and more next new generation of the model.

The new Clio, which will not be a "restiling" but a completely new vehicle, preserves a large part of the exterior aesthetics of the current one, since this is precisely one of the aspects best valued by customers. And also will mount new hybrid engines with which to respond to the needs of urban mobility. But the current mechanical offer is equally valid for urban routes and roads and motorways, as long as we do not need an ECO label from the DGT to access the center of cities with regulated circulation.

Proof of this is the 90 hp diesel variant that we have had the opportunity to test thoroughly. The Clio DCI 90 with ZEN finish deserves the C label (green) of the DGT, as well as the gasoline variant, which, except in cases of restrictions due to excessive contamination, we will be able to move with it like fish in Water in urban environments. In addition, this engine offers really surprising consumption figures, with an approved average of 3.9 l / 100 km. In practice, moving in urban environments in 80% of the total of our route, we have achieved an average of 4.3 l / 100 km. The CO2 emissions are 105 gr / km.

With these 90 HP that gives the DCi engine urban mobility is very nice, although we must recognize that compared to modern gasoline engines the purring of diesel is always with us. It is not excessively noisy, but the sound is there, reminding us of the type of fuel we use. It is a sufficient power to venture into our Clio to make some other long distance trip. By highway and roads we will not be left behind traveling at legal speeds. We will only have to deduct some gear when it comes to uploading a port, but once it is over everything returns to normal.

The change of gears is five-speed manual, with a first and second very elastic, and a fifth quite long that does not miss an additional sixth, although it would be good to save some more fuel at the time of llanear in freeway.

The exterior design, as we said, is one of the factors best valued by Renault customers, and although in a matter of tastes it is not advisable to make too many assessments, the truth is that the years have passed very well for this model, which still has a modern and pleasant aesthetics.

Since 2017 its interior has been refined, gaining quality materials, with a redesign of the dashboard and seats, and adopting improvements in technology.

Thus, we have the latest developments in driving aids and safety, such as the "Easy Park Assist" parking assistance system, the front radar, or the rear camera and radar.

Nor will we miss anything in terms of connectivity, which presents a triple offer depending on the level of range: R & Go system, Media Nav and the latest version of the connected multimedia system R-Link. The dashboard includes a touch screen through which you can access the multimedia system and the browser. And all with a pleasant touch.

There are also no problems of space, the front seats are very comfortable, and in the rear, although they have capacity for three adults, two people will travel with much more comfort. The trunk offers us a capacity of 300 liters.

With all this, the current Clio is still a very good purchase option for potential customers in which the rational is imposed on the emotional, and therefore do not mind having a car designed in 2012 and will soon have a substitute in the market.

For those who prefer a Clio gasoline, the current range starts with the 75 HP engine for just over 11,000 euros, without applying discounts or possible promotions.

Clio DCI 90 ZEN finish

Engines: diesel 90 HP (Range in diesel, gasoline and gas, from 73 to 220 hp). Length / width / height (m): 4.06 / 1.73 / 1.44 Consumption: from 4.0 l / 100 km Trunk: 300 liters Price: 16.180 euros (without applying discounts or promotions). (TagsToTranslate) renault (t) clio (t) current veteran (t)


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