Reopening of schools: draft of the anti-Coronavirus security protocol

Measurement of fever, parents out of school as much as possible, swabs in case of fever. But also masks for everyone, differentiated paths in the corridors, spaced class entrances. These are the points of the protocol for safety in schools that the unions have submitted to the Ministry of Education and which is used to bring the teachers back to the classroom, in view of the high school exam but above all of the return next September.

Masks obligation

The main points of the protocol concern the safety of the staff and the prescriptions of the principals which are the equivalent of the employer in the individual institutions: they will have to ensure the information and training of the staff and all those entering the schools and to draw up a plan for cleaning and sanitizing that will make the rooms safe. The obligation of masks in the classroom and in the corridors will be there for all adults who enter school buildings. As for the students, it will be to be evaluated respecting the general rules that concern minors.

A class every quarter of an hour

The entrances of the external ones will have to be reduced to the minimum, and for everyone there will be the mandatory fever measurement. The distances must be kept inside and outside the school: therefore, gatherings at the entrance and exit must be avoided. For this there will be queues of students like the ones we saw in front of supermarkets and the classes will have to enter staggered, at least 15 minutes. If possible, entry and exit must take place from different doors.

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The paths

Schools will have to transform themselves, not only because there will be fewer students in the classroom and the safety distances must always be kept, but on the ground there will be marked the paths to follow in case of moving inside the buildings. Gyms and workshops can be used for other educational activities, if new spaces are needed to space out classes and pupils.

Principals: “Clear rules are needed”

After the presentation, the unions will be able to submit their comments or requests for changes. The principals have already spoken: “The protocol is absolutely necessary but it must be unambiguous and must not present interpretative margins that could involve risks for collective health”, writes the National Association of principals. The fear is that managers will be exposed to “improper responsibilities”: “We are ready, as always, to answer for those that belong to us, but not for others. This is why clear rules are needed, and above all, respectful of everyone’s skills and prerogatives ».

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