Reopenings, forward flight of the Regions. New stop by government and ISS – Politics

“It is important for the country to start again, but the virus has changed neither identity nor characteristics.
Violating the rules of conduct for the prevention of contagion, therefore, could facilitate its circulation “. The president of the Higher Institute of Health Silvio Brusaferro stops the forward leaks of the Regions that want to reopen shops, bars and restaurants starting from Monday and offers a bank to Health Minister Roberto Speranza who also reiterated the government’s line: nothing opens before May 18. “We must manage the reopening phase with great attention and gradualness. No flight forward – he said – it still takes a lot of responsibility otherwise we will end up frustrating the sacrifices made so far “.

But there is an opening for the hypothesis of the reopening of cinemas and theaters in June: as for churches, precise rules will be provided to allow spectators – as it will be for the faithful – to participate in shows respecting distance and safety. “We are evaluating – explains the president of the ISS – forms of participation with limited numbers of people in confined places subject to compliance with the rules and with a guarantee path, from time slots to entrances. This applies to all events that have these characteristics “. It is true, in fact, as Brusaferro said during the weekly press conference, the contagion curve “decreases and is a signal that continues in all regions”. But it is equally clear that this does not mean anything, if we do not expect data on the progress of the cases after the easing of the measures decided on 4 May. Waiting that will not be less than ten days. And in fact, the president of the ISS confirms that those numbers will be “only next week” and that “only from the analysis of the data, which will be done by the control room between the ministry and the Regions, can reasoning be taken to decide on subsequent measures” . The government, probably in the middle of next week, will therefore draw conclusions and prepare the new Dpcm. In any case, it is unthinkable to further loosen the measures before May 18.
With all due respect to the South Tyrolean governor Armo Kompascher, whose law to reopen shops, bars, restaurants, hairdressers and museums “is already in force”. The Minister of Autonomies Francesco Boccia challenged the provision: the national guidelines on work – which INAIL is preparing with the Scientific Technical Committee – are not yet ready, the ordinance “is in contrast with the rules on safety at work” . After the Calabria ordinance, on which the Tar will decide Saturday, that of South Tyrol therefore ends up before the judges.

But if Kompascher has rolled the die and overcome the Rubicon of the clash with Rome, the other governors continue the offensive of words to ask to reopen more and earlier. “I feel with fellow presidents – says the Venetian Luca Zaia -: there is sharing with respect to the fact that 1 June is too distant a date” for restaurants and bars in the first place. Zaia also denounces “an area of ​​frightening uncertainty” on Phase 2, “there is no programming. If the Government said it opens on May 18, everyone would start the engines. But on the 18th, Conte could appear and make a Dpcm that closes others two weeks”. In Lombardy instead Attilio Fontana, given the full Navigli in Milan, speaks of “a very delicate moment: the citizens, who understood that they had to respect the rules of the lockdown, I hope they also respect those necessary in Phase 2”. And the governor of Liguria Giovanni Toti also backs down from Thursday. “The goal of the overall reopening is more on May 18 than before.” The governor of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini returns instead to ask that from May 18 the Regions can decide independently for the subsequent reopening. A possibility that Boccia has already accepted during the State-Regions Conference and which, however, will have to deal with another theme: the Minister of Autonomies reiterates that “differentiated openings for Regions based on the evaluations” will be carried out. And therefore there will be territories that will be able to open and others not.
All postponed, however, for mobility throughout the national territory: it will not be discussed before June even if in the new Dpcm movements could be allowed between neighboring regions and those of those who live on the border between one region and another. HANDLE).