Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

Representative Linda Sánchez abandons her candidacy for the presidency of the democratic caucus of the House after the indictment of her husband

Rep. Linda T. Sánchez (D-Calif.) Campaigns for candidate Gil Cisneros in Buena Park, California on November 3rd. Sánchez announced Thursday that she was giving up her bid for the Democratic House Caucus presidency. (Mike Nelson / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock)

Rep. Linda T. Sánchez (D-Calif.) Announced Thursday that she was giving up her bid for the House Democratic Caucus chairmanship after her husband, James Sullivan, was indicted in Connecticut.

Sánchez, who made an urgent appeal to a new generation to lead his party's congressional party, announced his candidacy for 4th place in House Democrats in July.

"Earlier in the day, I learned that my husband was facing charges in Connecticut," Sánchez said in a statement. "After carefully studying the time and energy spent on leadership requirements, I decided that I now needed to focus on my son, my family, and my California constituents."

Sullivan, a board member of the Connecticut Municipal Electric Power Cooperative, was indicted on Thursday after a two-year investigation by the FBI into alleged lavish spending by the utility conglomerate in the Kentucky Derby, reported the newspaper Day. Sullivan and four other members of the board face charges of conspiracy and theft of a program receiving federal funding, according to The Day.

Sánchez was easily re-elected on Tuesday, winning nearly 67 percent of the vote, compared with 33 percent of Republican Ryan Downing in California's 38th district.


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