Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Republican Brad Raffensperger Leads in Runoff Election for Georgia Secretary of State

Republican state Rep. Brad Raffensperger held a comfortable lead over Democratic Congress congressman John Barrow on Tuesday in a runoff election for Georgia secretary of state that took place amid lingering concerns about voting disenfranchisement in a state likely to remain a battleground in 2020.

Would you like to continue to win a contest for Democrats, who will have won a statewide election in Georgia, since 2010, and would ensure that strict elections will be maintained.

The campaign went to a runoff after the last month. The two candidates were separated by 20,000 votes in the first election, with Raffensperger running.

Democrats were unable to harness the energy that they had during the November election, however, and scored 80 percent of precincts reporting.

The campaign unfolded accusations that the members of the party had been killed by a divisive party that emerged in the aftermath of a competitive gubernatorial race. In that contest, the results of which were delayed for the first time, because of the state of the art, Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp narrowly defeated Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Democrats have made the most of these polls. Republicans have countered that they are trying to protect the integrity of the election and that Democrats are upset because they lost.

That battle is likely to intensify over the next two years.

A group affiliated with Abrams brought to the federal lawsuit against the interim secretary of state Robyn Crittenden that seeks to change the state of the law, the Fair Fight Action, said that they were making it harder for voters to cast ballots.

Among the changes sought to be made, the use of polling places, and the use of polling places.

An incoming secretary of state could make changes while the short case is ongoing.

"Voting removal works when people decide their differences are too weak or too fragile to bring about change," Abrams said in a recent Washington Post interview. "John Barrow is part of the solution."

Raffensperger has pledged to continue Kemp's strict enforcement of vote He has said that he is one of his primary concerns, and that he is making sure that he does not vote, and that he asserted that he could "more illegal voting than ever."

These candidates would be able to make a decision on the subject of paperless voting, allowing for election audits and making an election less vulnerable to hacking.

The race for the secretary of state of the high school of the world, which attracts attention.

Barrow is a centrist who said, "Yeah, I'm a Democrat, but I will not get you," and he was attempting to energize a base of liberal voters. Abrams had mobilized for her campaign. He was also attempting a political rebirth; he served as a congressman for a decade before losing his seat in 2014.

Abrams, a rising star in the state, and the party, attempted to rally his supporters behind Barrow.

"Abrams said in a radio ad. "The other side thinks we've given up – that because I did not win, we will not come back out. Let's prove them wrong. "

Raffensperger ran an under-the-radar campaign and skipped the televised debate of the runoff.

He was backed by Kemp, President Trump, who tweeted on Nov. 26 that he "will be a fantastic Secretary of State for Georgia."

The state lawmaker hoping for oversight over elections, Trump said, "is tough on Crime and Borders, Loves our Military and Vets. He will be great for jobs! "


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