July 8, 2019

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rescuers are busy to prevent drowning

Early in the morning, rescuers on the beach at Grand-Crohot Cap-Ferret (Gironde) locate and indicate the danger zones. But bathers do not always respect the markup. At 11 am, surveillance is officially opened under a yellow flag, which indicates a danger. The green flag is almost never hoisted on this ocean beach, one of the busiest in Cap-Ferret.

"The bathing area will change during the day depending on the tides.When the rising tide, the currents will settle in. We will adapt according to the topography of the beach"says Cyril Lambert, lifeguard CRS. Nearly one fatal drowning occurs during a swim at sea. There were nearly 200 in France last year. No age group is spared. Rescuers know it, their vigilance is permanent.

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