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Research: Covid-19 infection can reduce sperm quality and quantity

Merdeka.com – The researchers found that sperm quality can be damaged for months after recovering from a Covid-19 infection.

According to the researchers’ findings, semen itself is not contagious. But among 35 men who provided sperm samples a month after recovering from symptomatic Covid, the decrease in sperm count was shown to be 60 percent and sperm count reduced by 37 percent.

As reported in Fertility and Sterility on Monday, semen samples were taken from 120 Belgian men with an average age of 35, an average of 52 days after their Covid symptoms cleared.

Among 51 men tested between one and two months after recovery, 37 percent had decreased sperm count and 29 percent had low sperm count.

Among 34 men who gave samples at least two months after recovery, 28 percent had sperm damage and sperm counts fell 6 percent. The severity of Covid infection has no correlation with sperm characteristics.

“Couples desiring pregnancy should be reminded that sperm quality after Covid-19 infection may be sub-optimal,” the researchers concluded.

“The estimated recovery time is three months, but further studies are underway to confirm this and to determine whether there is permanent damage in a minority of men.” [pan]


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