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Researchers found out how the virus infected human cells

by drbyos

Researchers have found out how the coronavirus works in the human body. A video animation shows what makes the virus more contagious than the SARS pathogen.

The corona virus SARS-CoV-2 uses a receptor for cell infection that is found on human cells in the lungs, heart, kidneys and intestines. The same cell receptor is also involved in the SARS virus. Chinese researchers come to these results in one studythat in the trade magazine “Science“has appeared.

The scientists used so-called cryo-electron microscopy for their investigations. This method makes it possible to reproduce the atomic resolution of the three-dimensional structure of the protein with which the virus can penetrate the human cell. According to the researchers, the new findings could help to develop drugs or a vaccine.

The atom-precise animation of how exactly the coronavirus infects human cells, which properties of a protein enable this process and why an infection with the coronavirus appears to be faster than with the SARS pathogen happens, see in the video above or here.


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