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Researchers say the sun may have had rings like Saturn

“In the solar system, something happened to prevent Earth from growing into a much larger type of terrestrial planet called a Super-Earth,” said lead author Dr. Andre Izidoro in a university release, reported by Study Finds, Tuesday (18/1/2022).

These giant planets are rocky planets that are about two to 10 times the size of Earth. Super-Earths inhabit about 30 percent of the Sun-like star system in the Milky Way. Research published in Nature Astronomery analyzed hundreds of supercomputer simulations examining simulations of the formation of the solar system.

The simulations produce rings like those seen around many young, distant stars. The simulation also accurately identifies the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The computer accurately predicts the development of the location and stable orbits of Earth, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. They also correctly calculated the masses of the inner planets—including Mars.

In addition, this study describes the formation of the Kuiper belt from comets, asteroids, and small objects beyond the orbit of Neptune. The computer model assumes that three bands of high pressure develop within the young solar disk of gas and dust. Scientists have observed this “bump” in the ringed disk of stars around distant stars.

“We propose that the pressure bump produces a discontinuous reservoir of disc material in the inner and outer solar systems and regulates how much material is available to grow planets in the inner solar system,” he said.


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