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Researchers warn: British measures against coronavirus are inadequate

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British measures against coronavirus are inadequate and life threatening

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Watford coach criticizes Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Watford coach Nigel Pearson criticizes Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s lack of leadership. This sends the wrong message about corona virus.

Over 200 scientists have accused the British government of not doing enough to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and thus unnecessarily endanger life. Without the necessary measures, millions of Britons could become infected.

FAt least 250 scientists have accused the British government of not doing enough against the Covid 19 pandemic and endangering lives unnecessarily. With simple measures, thousands of people could be saved, the scientists from Great Britain said in one late Saturday evening open letter With. It is possible to “dramatically” slow the rate of spread of the novel corona virus. Uncontrolled, however, millions of Britons could become infected with the pathogen in the next few weeks.

In Great Britain, for example, major events are not yet generally prohibited and only a few schools have closed so far.

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Government adviser Patrick Vallance had justified the reticent measures in Great Britain so far, among other things, by the fact that “herd immunity” against the virus had to be built up. If around 60 percent of the population becomes infected, immunity could be built to protect the whole community, the health expert said recently when he unveiled a government policy package with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

World Health Organization criticizes Vallance

The spokeswoman for the World Health Organization (WHO), Margaret Harris, questioned this approach on Saturday. One still knows too little about the virus. “It’s not long enough in our population to know what it does immunologically,” she said BBC news channel. “We can talk about theories, but at the moment we’re really facing a situation where we have to deal with deeds.”

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03/03/2020, Great Britain, London: A man wears a face mask on the Jubilee Line of the London Underground. Photo: Kirsty O'connor / PA Wire / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++ |

A health ministry spokesman said Sunday night that government advisor Vallance was misunderstood. “Herd immunity is not part of the action plan, but the natural by-product of an epidemic.” The goal is to save lives and to relieve the burden on the national health service (NHS). The NHS is chronically overloaded and ailing. The shortcomings in the health service were also a key issue in the election campaign.


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