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Reserve Elden Ring now at Fanatical to save a lot

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PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

It used to be that money-conscious gamers on PC waited to make purchases until a game had been out for some time and ended up on sale. But more and more often the fast gamer can already save quite a bit on his purchase.

Elden Ring, for example, won’t be released until next Friday. But if you buy it now at Fanatical, you get a 16% discount. In hard terms, this means a saving of almost €10 on the Standard Edition (€59.99 becomes €50.39) and €13 on the Deluxe Edition (from €79.99 to €67.19). If you are interested in that, you can make the purchase here.

Note: GameQuarter is writing this post in the hope of alerting its readers to their interesting game(related) offers. This content is not sponsored by Fanatical, FromSoftware or BANDAI NAMCO, nor have they been notified of the existence of this posting.

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