Residents of destroyed houses in Ganja search for relatives and mourn neighbors – International Panorama

GANJA / Azerbaijan /, October 17. / TASS /. Residents of houses next to the Ganja quarter, destroyed by a rocket hit, continued to look for relatives and neighbors until morning, hoping to find them alive.

The city was hit at about 01:00. At least two rockets hit Ganja. One – a more powerful, presumably Elbrus ballistic missile (SCUD) – exploded behind one of the city’s schools, which housed mostly one-story private houses. Now they are gone – only chaos of debris, in which it is difficult to make out the former separate buildings. The school building was also damaged. Windows were blown out of buildings hundreds of meters from the center of the explosion.

Rescuers began clearing the rubble almost immediately after the explosion. They were surrounded by a crowd of neighbors and relatives of the residents of the houses. The women were crying, someone was talking, children were left under the rubble. “My brother’s family had a house here,” said one of the men who came to the ruins. “The brother himself has already been found, but his grandson has not yet been found.”

A woman was sobbing nearby. She survived and did not even receive significant injuries – her house was far enough from the meta explosion and eventually survived, although it was damaged. But her neighbor, whose house used to stand across the courtyard, died under the rubble. By that time, rescuers had already found her body.

The next emotion that prevailed in the ruins was bewilderment. “We are civilians, there are no soldiers or equipment here, we were already asleep at that time,” another woman told TASS. People gather around rescuers in an attempt to organize a roll call and check the names of those present with the lists of local residents.

According to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Azerbaijan, as a result of a missile strike on Ganja on Saturday night, 12 people were killed and more than 40 were injured, all of them civilians. The city was hit by at least two missiles, including the Elbrus ballistic missile (SCUD). As a result, at least 20 houses were destroyed.

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