Restrictions from May 8, 2021: hotels, restaurants. Ordinance

Late in the evening on Thursday (May 6, 2021), the government published the text of the regulation, on the basis of which the restrictions are to be relaxed in the coming days. We check what has been written in the document

The lockdown led to enormous losses in the economy. Sectors most affected by the pandemic include gastronomy and hotel industry. Business owners in these industries they can breathe a sigh of relief. After the press conference announcing the opening of the restaurant, customers reserved all the tables.

Rodrafting of the Council of Ministers on the establishment of certain restrictions, orders and bans in connection with the outbreak of the epidemic, appeared on Thursday (May 6, 2021) in the Journal of Laws.

Restrictions from May 8. LIST OF CHANGES

A number of business changes have been included in the government regulation:

  • From May 8 to June 5: hotel operations will be restored, but with a limit of 50 percent. occupied rooms. “The limitation in the number of rooms available does not apply to the stay of guests who are soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland or allied forces, temporarily staying in the Republic of Poland.”
  • Until May 14: meals for hotel guests can be delivered to the room and only for those who stay at the facility for at least one day. Food and beverage outlets will only be able to sell take-out meals until May 14th.
  • From May 15 to May 28: restaurants will be able to serve meals in catering gardens. This will also apply to sales at petrol stations. It is foreseen that every second table in the garden will have to remain free, and the distance between the tables must be at least 1.5 m, unless there is a partition at least 1 m high between the tables, measured from the surface of the table.
  • From May 29 to June 5: Consumption in premises and separate food zones at petrol stations will also be allowed, provided that customers have their mouth and nose covered until they take a seat. Covering the mouth and nose will apply to waiter service. In the restaurant, customers will be able to occupy every second table; the distance between the tables shall be at least 1.5 m, unless there is a partition at least 1 m high between the tables, measured from the surface of the table.
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tables in the gastronomic garden

  • Until June 5: in a commercial or service facility, at a liquid fuel station, at the point of sale at the market place, wear disposable gloves or use hand disinfectants. It has been added that during their opening hours, the service staff is to disinfect the cash desk or service station, or the dispenser at the liquid fuel station, at least once an hour.
  • By June 5: it is mandatory to cover, with a mask, mouth and nose in public buildings, intended for the purposes of, among others: banking, trade, catering, services, including postal or telecommunications services, tourism, sports, passenger service in rail transport, by road, air, sea or inland waterway. Masks will also have to be worn in commercial or service facilities, commercial or service establishments and markets (stalls).
  • By June 5: the air carrier may carry out activities related to passenger transport, provided that liquids for disinfecting hands are provided on board, the aircraft is disinfected once a day when performing air operations with passengers, or after each flight with a sick person or suspected of being infected with an infectious disease. The disinfection of the aircraft will also have to be performed each time after a flight with passengers lasting at least 6 hours.
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The regulation shall enter into force on May 8, 2021.


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