Retirees want reserved times in shops. They won’t, Prymula said

“Wouldn’t it be appropriate to reintroduce only two hours of shopping for retirees, but only for them? In my opinion, it would only be enough for one day a week, for example Thursday. Simply not every day, just give us the opportunity to shop for a whole week, for example. It would definitely be a measure that would help this group a lot, “said a pensioner for, who is afraid to go to the store with an increasing number of infected people.

There are more and more such questions. During the first wave of the pandemic, retirees had specific hours when they could go shopping for groceries or a drugstore alone. However, according to the Minister of Health Roman Prymula (for YES), this measure did not work. Therefore, the designated hours for seniors will not be introduced in stores in the near future.

“We are not going to do it yet, the measure was quite complicated in terms of defining the time itself, when it was first in later hours, the seniors argued that there would be no discounts left for them, so then it was changed to the morning. Then here again, there were arguments from people returning from various services not to buy a croissant in the morning, “the minister said.

In addition, according to the minister, many seniors did not observe the time they had to buy. “The measure is quite complicated and its benefits are not so great. Some seniors bought in the hours after these and we have not yet decided to return this measure again,” Prymula concluded.

The inspection ordered the immediate withdrawal of one of the dietary supplements for children. Watch the TV Nova report:


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