Retirement home has to close and the new one is not ready yet – what happens to residents and employees – Lebern-Bucheggberg-Wasseramt – Solothurn

The senior citizens’ home Hof Obermatt in Horriwil will be closed at the end of February. The structural condition of the house no longer meets today’s requirements for home operation. Today the home is already being operated with a special permit. Also because it is to be replaced by a new building in the neighboring village of Subingen. The first step was to change the The building zone plan in Subingen has been made public. This is intended to create a special zone for public facilities, buildings and homes.

“It is correct that we could continue to operate the retirement home in Horriwil,” explains Ralph Nowak (Head of Real Estate Solviva AG). After careful consideration, Solviva AG decided to close the home because it was no longer in keeping with the times. “Safety for our residents comes first.” In addition, it is not certain that the permit will be extended until the new building in Subingen can actually be occupied.

All residents and employees are offered a follow-up or interim solution in another Solviva AG institution. This includes, for example, the “Sunnepark” in Grenchen.

Contracts are easily terminated

“We are currently in the process of informing the residents and their relatives and supporters about the closure and its options,” explains Ueli Kläy (overall management, Solviva AG) on request. At the moment there are still around 20 people living in Hof Obermatt, which if fully occupied would offer space for 27 retirees. “We can easily terminate the existing contracts with our residents if they find a place in another home before the end of February. There are of course people who want to stay in the region and therefore look around the neighboring villages, ”says Kläy. Anyone who moves into a Solviva AG home will get the new home at the same conditions as today in Horriwil.

A group of around eight senior citizens decided to move to Reinach (AG) together as a temporary solution. Solviva has a modern home there with 27 places, which was completed last year. “These retirees want to move back into the new building in Subingen together.” Some of the staff are also moving to Reinach.

“We have not announced any dismissals,” said Kläy. But he knows that this rumor is making the rounds. “However, there are employees who leave us.” There are various reasons for this. One is certain that the commute to work will be longer for some if they change jobs within Solviva AG.

The congregation was informed in advance

Solviva AG informed the Horriwil community about the closure of the home. “We know about the structural defects of the house,” said mayor Martin Rüfenacht on request. “We are losing jobs in the village. But healthcare personnel are in demand. So I’m not afraid for the employees, ”Rüfenacht continues.

For Horriwil it is important that there are good solutions for the residents. In addition, the question arises what will happen to the property. This is to be sold in the medium term, explains Solviva AG.


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