Reveal alleged meetings between representatives of Maduro and the opposition in Oslo

Representatives of the illegitimate government of Venezuela and members of the opposition to the regime have allegedly traveled to Norway to discuss possible options after the attempted civic-military uprising against Nicolás Maduro on 30 April.

According to reports by Reuters, quoting four sources with knowledge of the facts, the two parties would be looking for a new approach after the repeated failures in the dialogue between the opposition and the Chávez party, amid the worsening of the political crisis. The last chapter this week has been the military takeover of the headquarters of the National Assembly and the withdrawal of immunity to four other deputies, with which there are already 14 legislators without that prerogative.

According to the media «Al Navío», the representatives of Maduro are Héctor Rodríguez, governor of Miranda state, and Jorge Rodríguez, minister of Communication. For the opposition, Gerardo Blyde, ex-deputy, and Fernando Martínez Mottola, former minister of Carlos Andrés Pérez. The opposition, according to this medium, would also include the second vice president of the National Assembly, Stalin González.

In Norway there would have been two meetings between the delegations, one on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday. In both, a group of intermediaries would have been present, a Norwegian team that could be the same one that participated in the negotiation of the peace agreements in Colombia.

After seeing the faces in Oslo, both representations would be returning to Caracas on Thursday, those of the opposition via Paris and the others in Madrid, says "Al Navío" to consult their representatives if the negotiation is formalized. In this sense, the method and a specific place for future meetings would be defined.

However, the Reuters agency clarifies that the parties would not have met yet and the meetings have been separately with the representatives of Norway. According to the Norwegian state chain NRK, the Foreign Ministry is directly involved in these efforts, although at the official level the Government of the Nordic country has not wanted to speak for the time being.

Norway has not recognized Guaidó
The Norwegian Executive has not recognized the president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, as interim agent, and has opted for a position more neutral to that of other European countries. Norway has already mediated other processes in Latin America, such as negotiations with the FARC.

Maduro himself said Wednesday that his communication minister, Jorge Rodriguez, is out of the country to fulfill a "special mission", although he did not allude to the supposed attempt to approach the opposition that was taking place in Norway. "Jorge Rodríguez is not in Venezuela at the moment, he is on a very important mission," Maduro said during an event at the Miraflores Palace, according to Noticias 24.

The number two of the regime, Diosdado Cabello, referred to the alleged meetings in Norway in his television program, "El mazo dando". "They walk like crazy, because it seems that someone from the opposition let slip that there are some conversations, they say that sectors of government and opposition, and then the people of the opposition are being killed," he said. .

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