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Review of the movie «Black Phone»: nasty enough – VG

“STRANGE DANGER”: Ethan Hawke, with a pair of masks, and Mason Thames in “The Black Phone.”

Scott Derrickson is one of the weakest directors in Hollywood. But this may be his best bad movie.


“The Black Phone”

USA. 15 years. Directed by Scott Derrickson

Med: Ethan Hawke, Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, James Ransone, Jeremy Davies

VG bones are shown 3 points

Since photos of missing children have been printed on the milk carton for several years, it’s easy to think that American children have a particularly big fear of being kidnapped.

“Stranger danger!”, Parents and grandparents are usually warned: Never talk to strangers, and by all means don’t accept sweets from them.

“The Black Phone” takes place in a small dirt town outside Denver, Colorado sometime in the 1970s (the 1970s are still just as poppis in a horror context, cf. The Good “X»Since the beginning of this year). Finney (Mason Thames) and Qwen (Madeleine McGraw) are sons and daughters of Terence (Jeremy Davies), respectively, and have their struggles.

BROTHERS AND Tough SISTERS: Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw in “The Black Phone.”

First, the father is an alcoholic tyrant hockeysveis. Second, the mothers took her own life. The mother was “special”, Terence’s father says in one of her moderate moments. He believes, among other things, that it was a dream come true, and that he could «se ting»- ability that little Gwen inherited. Finney, on the other hand, has no supernatural abilities. Her role is mostly to be harassed by the boys at school.

Several children have disappeared into the small town without a name, and one day it is Finney’s turn. A masked man slips into a black truck, introducing himself as a magician and doping the young man. Throw it in a basement and close the door. The only thing below is a mattress on the floor with the title black phone.

NOT A RELIABLE TYPE: Ethan Hawke in “The Black Phone”.

He disconnected. But certainly if it doesn’t ring every now and then anyway. We quickly understand that it is children from the “other side” – the kidnapper’s former victim – who hit the wire. To give Finney good advice and suggestions, and make sure she doesn’t give up the dream from there.

While all this is going on, Gwen sits at home, dreaming and clear. And as we know, since some people are dreaming and others are making contact with the realm of the dead, there is hope.

The signer has, in general, disgust Scott Derricksonprevious production. The director is, uh, “practicing” Presbyterians, but he has a talent for clearly Catholic concepts in his films (e.g.Exorcism Emily Rose», 2005 and«Deliver us from evil», 2014 – both miserable).

He can’t control himself in “The Black Phone” either. But he learned to tone down the papal propaganda.

KJIP FIRE, KJIP BASEMENT: Ethan Hawke in “The Black Phone”.

Disney name Madeleine McGraw is the best reason to watch this movie. He’s cool, cooler than his brother, and pretty rapper. Etan Hawke is nasty in the ugly mask, this is for sure. But he may not have been on the film for several days.

Nevertheless. “The Black Phone” became a small horror film / thriller killer series / ghost story that was discouraged and messy. It does what it can for our stress in the summer heat, and it succeeds for a while.

Yes, I would actually go so far as to trumpet that “The Black Phone” is Scott Derrickson’s best – as at least bad – horror film. In the realm of the blind, the one-eyed king.

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