Review – The Collage Atlas

Enjoy a relaxing moment with The Collage Atlas

The Collage Atlas by John William Evelyn is what we all need in these uncertain times. The principle is simple, we first in decorations made of paper like Paper Mario but in black and white with a few touches of color here and there. Everything is drawn by hand with 0.03mm leads. In addition, the music also reacts to our interactions with the letters and other elements which float in the decoration. It is very high and above all very relaxing. We play and we start thinking about the meaning of life thanks to the sentences that appear on the screen. It’s almost an introspective journey on a cloud.

There is no question here of facing bloodthirsty monsters or competing against other players. The Collage Atlas invites us to discover a story through simple and pleasant interactions. We collect letters to make sentences; we solve very simple puzzles which consist in collecting keys to unlock locks. It’s very contemplative and meditative. If you’ve had a big day or something is annoying you, then start a game of The Collage Atlas. You will come out relaxed, that’s a guarantee.

Crédit : John William Evelyn

Available on Apple Arcade, The Collage Atlas by John William Evelyn is a real gem of relaxation. Stress and anxiety soar like the butterflies, envelopes, and paper planes that you see in the game.



  • Relaxing and contemplative
  • The philosophical scope

The lessers

  • The somewhat simplistic challenges

Final note

8 / 10

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