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Rhythmic Gymnastics: These are the essential materials for your exercise

The rhythmic gymnastics It is one of the sports more complete that exist in the field to which it belongs. By its nature, capable of combining elements such as ballet, gymnastics and discipline, it is one of the sports that requires a greater amount of material, of a specific nature, with which to accommodate all the needs and different exercises that usually Compose a performance in general.

Since toes to training clothes going through flexibility bands or other types of equipment with which to perform the spectacular stunts that are characterized. A selection of materials and different elements with which to successfully solve any circumstance.

The kit, the key

As in other sports, at equipement It is one of the keys when you can make the different exercises typical of the discipline. In this sense, the most fundamental aspect that should be taken into account is the possession of good leading rhythmic gymnastics. These types of elements serve to protect the feet from the different chafing caused by the different turns and impacts that are present in any exercise routine.

Another of the most important elements are the flexibility bands and knee pads. These types of elements are used to work the strength and flexibility in the legs and arms and the knee pads to protect them when jumping with knees in the tapestry. However, there are many other exercises in which they can be offered a good use with which protect to the fullest The health of gymnasts.

When using the toes, the elements That should be taken into account. However, the main aspect in which it is convenient to pay maximum attention is related to the well-being of each athlete. To do this Russé has a wide variety of models so that each gymnast finds the one that best suits their needs

What other elements are important to consider?


In rhythmic gymnastics, the maces they occupy a leading role when performing certain exercises. In most cases, maces are bought by couples. They tend to look very similar to a bottle or even a bolus. Starring a neck much longer than the body of the object.

As to length, the most common is that they have a size that ranges from 40 and 50 centimeters. And at the weight level, the reality is that we are facing one of the lightest elements that are usually used in this sport, with a minimum weight of 150 grams.

In most cases, the material is usually made of wood or, depending on the age of the gymnast, a synthetic material can be used that is much more pleasant when it is possible to work with it and avoid at all times the damage in the gymnast.

There are many stores in which it is possible to buy a pair of maces for to start to work With them, however, it is advisable to rely solely on expert stores in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics.


Together with the maces, the ribbons is usually another one of the most important elements when it comes to multitude of exercises. It is important to keep in mind that this material consists of two parts: The rod and the tape. The wand is usually made of wood or plastic and reaches 60 cm. It is used as the tool to perform different visual games With the tape.

This is usually the main component of this type of exercises and is necessary to perform many forms and different attractions with which to focus the public attention. In adults, these tapes can reach 6 meters in length. The control of them It is not especially simple and depends at all times on the skill of the gymnast when it comes to dealing with multiple challenges.


The hoops they are one of the game elements that have gained special relevance in recent years. Especially as a result of technological impact that such tools have had when it comes to being able to carry out multitude of exercises

A few years ago, this kind of instruments was made of woodHowever, it has now been replaced by different synthetic materials that are exactly as moldable, but that provide them with a extra lightness

It is important to keep in mind that in this regard, these have to have a minimum weight of 300 grams and a inside diameter between 80 and 90 centimeters, since there are many exercises that force gymnasts to go inside of them at the time of completing them.

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