Riau Provincial Government Finds Hundreds of Rabies Transmitting Animals Throughout January-August 2021

Merdeka.com – The Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Service of Riau Province recorded 224 rabies-transmitting animals (HPR) with a total of 246 people bitten cases in the January-August 2021 period.

“The data on HPR in 2021 recorded an increase of 22 HPRs compared to the same period in 2020 which recorded 202 HPRs biting, with the number of people bitten by 224 people,” said Head of Animal Health, Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Office of Riau Province, drh Faralinda Sari in Pekanbaru, Monday (11/10).

According to him, the main vector of rabies in Indonesia comes from monkeys and cats by 2 percent, and dogs by 98 percent. In the same period in 2021, the number of rabies cases in Riau in 2020 reached 202 HPR bites with 224 people bitten. Of the positive cases based on the results of the HPR examination, 30 of the 202 PHR biting were recorded.

“Furthermore, the results of the HPR examination were negative for rabies as many as 6 (3.0 percent), Lysis as many as 12 (5.9 percent), 45 missing (22.3 percent) and free from observation as many as 109 animals (54.0 percent). ,” he said.

For 2021, Faralinda added, there were 224 cases of HPR biting, with the number of cases of people being bitten by 246 people (still in the January-August 2021 period). Based on the HPR examination, it was recorded that from 224 HPR biting cases, 11 were positive (4.9 percent), 5 were negative (2.2 percent), and lysis was 28 (12.5 percent).

And based on the results of the HPR examination, 53 tails were declared missing (23.7 percent) and 127 animals were free from observation (56.7 percent). Meanwhile, CFR HPR bit 202 in 2020, and 30 were positive for rabies, while in August 2021 the number of HPR bit 224 and positive for rabies was 11.

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“In an effort to control rabies in Riau, it is necessary to intensify socialization, strategies, counseling, decrease the population of HPR, and increase public awareness. In addition, efforts to enforce institutional and organizational laws, surveillance (PA), increase the number of veterinarians and paramedics as well as improve facilities. and infrastructure for monitoring HPR traffic,” he explained as quoted by Antara.

However, the Riau Livestock and Animal Health Service continues to intensify socialization regarding what the community should do if a victim is bitten by HPR, namely first washing the wound with soap and washing it for 15 minutes with running water. Next the related HPR must be observed first and if the HPR is positive for rabies and after preying on the victim, the animal will surely die.

Based on data from the Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Service of Riau, Kuantan Singingi recorded 15 sub-districts threatened with rabies, with 12,977 dogs, 324 cats, 130 monkeys in total (13,431 animals). While the highest number of HPRs was in Pekanbaru City, 74,895 individuals, with details of 44,694 dogs, 29,800 cats, and 401 monkeys. For the number of infected sub-districts as many as 11 sub-districts, two are threatened.

The second largest is Kampar Regency with 56,997 tails consisting of 34,073 dogs, 22,619 cats, 305 monkeys, 16 infected districts, 51,329 threatened with 29,256 dogs, 21,795 cats, 278 monkeys with 0, the number of infected subdistricts. threatened by 20 districts.

“The total population of HPR throughout Riau is 448,526 heads and spread over 165 sub-districts,” explained Faralinda.

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However, up to 11,000 rabies-transmitting animals have been vaccinated, with the Riau target being 70 percent covered, with an estimated 25 residents with 1 pet or around 400 thousand HPRs.

The recapitulation of the realization of rabies vaccination in Riau Province for the period January-31 August 2021, is a total of 9,087 spread to Kuantan Singingi as many as 7 HPRs who were vaccinated, Inhu 629, Siak 1,370, Kampar 471, Rohul 184, Bengkalis 738, Rohil 1,055, Pekanbaru 4230, and Dumai 403. For the Meranti Islands, Pelalawan and Inhil Regencies it was recorded as nil.

“The challenges of tackling rabies in Riau include the lack of public awareness of the risks of HPR and the dangers of rabies, such as animal hunters who are reluctant to have their dogs vaccinated, which is considered to weaken the dog from hunting. Another obstacle is that large costs are required to eradicate rabies in Riau. Limited resources human resources, operations and vaccines (inadequate budget support),” concluded Faralinda. [fik]


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