Ricki shows the accident he had with Daniella Álvarez

Ricki, one of the most emblematic participants of “Warriors”, withdrew from the competition in mid-April to accompany his sister Daniella Alvarez throughout your recovery process.

Some days ago Ricki revealed everything that happened in his life just when he retired from the programHe faced with his family, the situation of his sister.

The athlete and influencer has been a pillar in the entire recovery of the model and presenter and together with her family and boyfriend they have shown that anything can be done if you want.

Through social networks Ricki has shared with his followers how his new daily life has been in which he shows that great brotherly love with Daniella.

The Álvarez brothers have exercised and even danced together, since this is one of the great passions of Daniella.

This weekend, Ricki and Daniella they went out for a walk through the Bogota sheet to relax and get out of the routine.


One of the moments that remained registered in the social networks of both was the moment of the accident, without major risks, they passed while walking through a pasture.

Daniella was walking on her crutches, a little ahead of Ricki and at one point, on the unstable terrain, she lost her balance and how Ricki failed to stop the fall the two ended up on the ground.

The presenter showed her good attitude to the stumbling blocks and difficulties that can arise and wrote along with the video: “Another fall on crutches🙊 !! And with these laughs we put the best solution to the difficulties I love you @rickialvarezv How delicious the family outings ❤️ ”

While Ricki put: “First time that I fell”, and although this time I could not get under it so that it fell on me…. always with a smile! 🤣🤦🏼‍♂️ ”.


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