Rifka Lodeizen fears a bad photo could hurt her career

Rifka feels protected when she wears makeup and is photographed. “My face has a certain transparency,” she says. The actress believes that you can ‘easily see inside her’. “That makes me suitable for camera acting, but with photos you quickly see that I am nervous or uncomfortable. Make-up then helps, it is a kind of mask.”

And despite the fact that Rifka was allowed to take home a Golden Calf three times, including for the Videoland series Judas, the actress is still busy with beautiful pictures. “Apparently I’m afraid a bad photo could hurt my career prospects,” she explains. Rifka sees itself as its own product. “That just that one casting director or producer thinks: well, she’s had her day. The film industry has always fed that kind of thinking very much. A woman has to be beautiful.”

Currently, Rifka has a star role again, this time in the series Dear mum, can be seen on Videoland. You can see the trailer of it below,

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