Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Right frat boys should attack refugees to have

Thuringia: Right frat boys should have attacked refugees – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Right frat boys should have attacked refugees

In Thuringia, a group of friars has apparently attacked unaccompanied minor refugees. The persecutors, however, feel themselves attacked.

In Kahla, Thuringia, right-wing frat boys allegedly attacked several refugees. After a dispute, one of the men grabbed two minor refugees from Afghanistan by the collar, the police said, citing the statements of the victims to the incident with which had already happened on the weekend. The attacked then beat the man and fled.

Several of the frat boys assembled for a celebration in a clubhouse were reportedly following the adolescents to a home for unaccompanied minor refugees. There she stopped a carer.

When the police wanted to record the personal details of the guests of a fraternity party, according to police, there was a heated and aggressive mood. The officials were insulted. According to police, some fraternity members belong to the right-wing scene in Kahla.

The state protection investigates for assault and insult. The frat boys, in turn, reported the refugees for assault.

apr / AFP

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