Riolo says “Tuchel has no reason to whine” after Leonardo’s transfer window

A few days before the end of the summer transfer window, Thomas Tuchel, coach of Paris Saint-Germain and his sports director Leonardo, had a falling out over the lack of recruits. A settling of scores that took place in front of the media and to which Daniel Riolo, journalist with RMC Sport, near But Football Club.

Riolo « We will see if he can go a little further. “

“Leonardo did very well at the end of the Mercato. He brings back Florenzi, Kean, Rafinha and Danilo, a top 6. Only good players. Frankly, Tuchel has no reason to quibble. Leonardo did well to slap him on the fingers. It was indecent to complain. Paris is coming out of a big season with the three national titles and its Champions League final. We will see if he can go a little further. “

Germany coach complained about lack of rookies just days away before the arrival of three additional players. Some have therefore criticized it. But the PSG coach only underlined one undeniable fact by pointing out that this team undeniably needs several recruits. Everyone said so.

This exit testifies all the same to the lack of communication between the two parties, since it appears that Leonardo worked several weeks on these files without speaking about it to the trainer who should be the first informed of the profiles about to be recruited. (For example, he discovered that Moise Kean speaks French when he met him). This is necessarily a real problem for the future of PSG since it can clearly lead to quarrels as was the case a few weeks ago. Good communication seems essential to work together in the long term and this kind of media exchange is far from positive for PSG.

The capital club played the first Champions League final in its history on August 23 against Bayern Munich, so it is time to put the egos aside in order to evolve in the best conditions to repeat this feat and even to improve. Which means avoiding unnecessary quarrels.

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