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Rise up: female voices at the center of the Grammys

NEW YORK – After being almost silent at this year's ceremony, the 2019 Grammys mark the year of the woman, with powerful female voices representing the majority in two of the best categories.

Kacey Musgraves, H.E.R. and Janelle Monae, performers who play instruments, write or co-write all their songs and are also listed as producers on their projects, have been nominated for the coveted album of the year.

Singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile, whose recent album has been acclaimed by critics and nominated in all three major categories, and Cardi B – a former stripper, social media and reality TV follower a pop culture sensation competing for the album and the year 's record.

The nominees for the year album at the 2018 Grammy Awards included only one woman – Lorde – and she did not see herself awarding a spot in the show. The only woman to win a solo award during the television broadcast was Alessia Cara, best new artist. But this year, the category has gone from five to eight candidates, and five are powerful women's groups.

"I love being in the company of women of genius and I think every woman named has contributed so much to the excellent, sincere, sincere, and sincere work this year, and that it simply deserves," Monae said in an interview. to The Associated Press after Friday's nominations have been announced.

Six of the eight best new nominated artists are women, including H.E.R.

Monae delivered a powerful speech at the 2018 Grammy Awards, before the moving and striking performance of Kesha, who celebrated fraternity and women's rights. Monae had then declared that she hoped to see the next Grammy make things happen.

"That's what I envisioned. That's what I imagined. I thought we would have a stronger presence this year, "she said. "I'm so proud of them and I can not wait to see them at the Grammys, celebrate them and let them know they have my support, whether they win or lose, we're stronger together, It's amazing to see women also in control of their story. "

"Dirty Computer", Monae's fourth album, stars the singer and guitarist working behind the scenes to create the appropriate songs and style: "I have produced and designed a good part of this album. I had a perspective and vision that only I could sit and perform. "

Other women named this year have multiple roles on their own albums. Musgraves, also a guitarist, co-produced his entire album, "Golden Hour," which won four nominations, including Best Country Album, Best Country Solo Performance ("Butterflies") and best country song ("Space Cowboy").

"I knew I wanted to do something different than what I did. I wanted time to explore and find this creative center. Like when I first came to Nashville and just wrote every day for years and I came across some songs that were really close to my heart, "said Friday. AP Musgraves, who worked on this album for a year and a half. "I have the impression of having learned a lot about myself by making this album and I have the feeling of having the heart of my own business more than anything else." . "

This year's nominations mark a break from the Grammys held earlier this year, when Recording Academy President Neil Portnow was criticized when he said women should "step up" their questioning about the lack of women in the upper categories. He later acknowledged that it was a "bad choice of words", which forced the academy to create a new working group focused on inclusion and the diversity.

Kendrick Lamar and Drake are the best Grammy contenders for the 2019 show, with eight and seven nominations respectively. They are both named in the album, record and song categories of the year.

But they compete with leading female artists, including Lady Gaga, SZA, Maren Morris, Ella Mai and Carlile, nominated either in song, record of the year, or both.

The singer H.E.R., who has won five nominations, is the only best new artist to be nominated for a yearlong album nomination. As the best artist, she is one of six women nominated for the award, along with Bebe Rexha, Dua Lipa, Margo Price, Chloé x Halle and Jorja Smith.

HER. she not only co-wrote and co-produced each song of her self-titled album, but she also plays guitar and piano.

"It's a source of inspiration for other young women. Like, you can do it. You can be a producer. You can play an instrument, "she said Friday. "I had to work twice as hard. I had to earn respect as a musician who grew up as a little girl because we do not expect a little black girl to take the electric guitar. So, to be in the position where I can tell other little girls, "You can do that too," it's special. "

Monae, who won a nomination for the best video for "PYNK" – which she shares with director Emma Westenberg and producer Whitney Jackson – remembers shooting the video of the song celebrating the woman.

"There were so many women on the set that day and it was magical. We were up and telling ourselves how much we loved each other and celebrating all that we were, "she said. "I will never forget it."



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