Rivera: «We are on time but we need Sánchez to rectify»


The president of Citizens has appeared in the Congress of Deputies after his office with the King to reiterate his position: he will abstain if Pedro Sanchez "rectifies" and accepts his conditions but "would vote no if Sanchez does not move."

Although this morning there has already been an epistolary exchange in which the positions not only have not approached but were further distanced, Rivera has not wanted to break the deck: «If Sanchez rectifies there is still time for this country» Get going.

Coinciding completely in the diagnosis and at the pressure point with Pablo Iglesias, Rivera has stated that Sanchez has to tell the King if he wants to agree with Podemos or with Citizens because «if Spain does not move instead of solutions it will have problems, but the problem Pedro Sánchez will begin to be ».

«It is not in our hands that Sanchez rectifies. It is only in his hands or in his head, ”Rivera said, that in any case he is not optimistic from the letter Sanchez has sent him because“ he intends to dispatch realities that the facts show with falsehoods ”. .


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