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RIVM argues for a ban on seven flavors of e-cigarettes

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Seven flavorings for electronic cigarettes can be harmful to health and should therefore be banned.

This is the advice of the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Two of them can be carcinogenic, and people may have an allergic reaction to another substance, the institute says.

The government wants to restrict e-cigarettes (e-cigarettes). The intention is that 23 flavors will always be allowed, all of which taste like tobacco. Sweet flavors and menthol will be banned from July 1, to prevent e-cigarettes from becoming too attractive.

RIVM investigated the remaining 23 flavors. So seven of them can be dangerous, and the other sixteen are not entirely clear. These sixteen could also be banned because it is not certain that they are not dangerous, the RIVM says, but another option is to allow them “so that this product remains available to help smokers quit”.

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