Rizieq Shihab’s remarks to the TNI triggered the anger of the Pangdam Jaya

VIVA – The situation of the capital city Jakarta on Friday, November 20, 2020 is a little different from the usual days. Indonesian national army (TNI) conducted a large security patrol convoy involving hundreds of soldiers and fighting vehicles.

TNI soldiers move after receiving orders from the Regional Command Commander Military (Kodam) Jaya / Jayakarta, Major General TNI Dudung Abdcurachman, to clean up the provocative smells that lead to disruption of the unity and unity of the Indonesian people.

Troops moved from the Monas field in Central Jakarta, combing the streets of Jakarta. But, not only that, TNI soldiers removed all billboards with the figure of the leader of the FPI Community Organization, Rizieq Shihab, which had been installed illegally on the side of the road and in other public areas.

It was not enough to get there, TNI soldiers moved from Tanah Abang Market to Jalan KS Tubun and penetrated FPI’s nest on Jalan Petamburan III. The giant billboards at that location were removed quickly.

What really happened, let’s go back to Monas.

So before moving, in the Troop Apel at Monas, TNI soldiers received orders from the Pangdam Jaya, Major General TNI Dudung to clear all areas of Jakarta from Rizieq Shihab’s billboards. This is because in addition to the billboards violating Regional Government regulations, they also display provocative writings that have the potential to disturb security.

“There are people wearing striped clothes to lower the habib billboard. That’s my order, Satpol PP lowered it, raised it again. Look, if anyone in this republic, this is a state based on law, must obey the law. Put up billboards there are rules, pay taxes. It will be most correct. There is no such thing, don’t try. If necessary, FPI just dissolve it, “said the Kodam Commander.

However, not only that, there are basic things that have triggered Maj. Gen. Dudung very angry with Rizieq Shihab. He also expressed this in the activity at Monas.

Although he did not tell the story very clearly, Maj. Gen. Dudung said that Rizieq Shihab had something to say that had offended the TNI as a state institution. Maj. Gen. Dudung, called it dirty speech.

“Commander Kodam Jaya, thanks HRS’s blasphemy to the TNI and Polri. if he is said to be high priest, if he is said to be a kiai or as a habib. Habib or kiai has a kind heart, good speech, if what is not good is not habib, not kiai. I am a Muslim, always teach Islam rahmatan lil alamin love for the universe is not just for humans, then do not just talk. Protect yourself from the torment of the fire of hell, Allah says, ‘O you who believe, protect yourself and your family from the fire of hell’. Speech and action must be good, I as a Muslim is concerned, concerned if there is a habib in the memorial of the maulid of the prophet whose language is dirty speech, “said Commander Kodam Jaya.

From what the Commander of the Jaya Military Command said, VIVA Military, Saturday, November 21, 2020, trying to uncover and find out, what kind of dirty words have come out of Rizieq Shihab’s mouth to the TNI ?.

And finally it was found that a video of Rizieq Shihab’s seconds of saying dirty words demeaning the TNI, the video is on Youtube FrontTV, with the title [LIVE NOW] REMINDER OF THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAW – DPP FPI.

Rizieq Shihab made dirty remarks to the TNI to be precise at 4:18:18 to 4:21:29. Rizieq made those words during the commemoration of the birthday of the Great Prophet Muhammad SAW which was held on November 14, 2020 in Petamburan, Central Jakarta, to be precise at 4:18:18 minutes.

The following is a quote from Rizieq Shihab’s words:

“There were TNI soldiers, takbir … When I came home, made a recording welcoming me to come, is that right, is that good? Is he caught, handcuffed, imprisoned yeeee. Okay, he said, he said, he said, violating Yeeee’s military discipline.

He said, he said, he said, not in accordance with the sapta clan of Yeee, UNYIL. Why do I remember here again, I remember forgetting my bib for a long time, I haven’t lectured for three years and a half, remember Unyil, remember Yeea.

Continue, pay close attention, a TNI soldier, welcoming the return of a habib, handcuffed and arrested in prison. What is interesting is the Chinese cukong, China again, the Chinese cukong being carried away, carried by relatives, with Brimob soldiers, being carried away, this is China using the name Datuk Tahir yeee, so people who hear his name do not know that he is Chinese, Datuk Tahir from Mayapada, this is the Chinese cukong being carried by the Brimob soldiers, no problem, brother.

Then why are there TNI soldiers, just saying welcome, why should they be arrested LESS TEACHING, right, right.

That’s why I want to ask, what kind of morals are there, TNI soldiers love Habib, whether it’s good or not, detained. I asked, are there morals or not. The Chinese cukong are carried, but it is the turn of the TNI soldiers who love the ulama to immediately play hold, play to hold, play handcuffs, KURAANG teach. DON’T HAVE THE ACCIDENT !!, right, right, right “.

Watch the Video in the following embed:

Actually, not only the Pangdam Jaya was angry with Rizieq Shihab’s dirty remarks, TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto also showed the same reaction. This was evident when he suddenly gathered the commander of the TNI Main Command, namely Pangkostrad Lt. Gen. Eko Margiyono, Commander of the Special Forces Command, Maj. Gen. Richard TH.Tampubolon, Danjen Kopassus Major General TNI Mohammad Hasan, Dankormar Major General TNI (Mar) Suhartono, and Korpaskhas Commander Marsda TNI Eris Widodo Y to TNI Headquarters Cilangkap.

They discussed the current situation related to the dynamics of the sovereign security of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). There is no detailed information on what the TNI Commander in Chief discussed with the five TNI war generals at that time.

However, after the limited meeting was held, TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto immediately conveyed a message openly and firmly, related to the importance of all unity and integrity in order to maintain the stability of the nation.

“Remember! Anyone who disturbs the unity and integrity of the nation will face the TNI,” said TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto.

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