RN: Bardella tackle Marion Maréchal


When it comes to mention Marion Maréchal, niece of Marine Le Pen and potential rival of the RN's boss, Jordan Bardella, leader of the deputies lepenists in the European Parliament, does not take gloves.

Marion Maréchal, said the young elected (24 years) guest this Sunday of the program BFM Politique, in partnership with Le Parisien and Today in France, "is a school principal, she participates in debates. She is not meant to be our candidate (Editor's note: in the presidential election of 2022) ".

Bardella said not to have been invited to the "Convention of the Right" organized next Saturday in Paris by relatives of the former FN deputy Vaucluse. The municipal of 2020? "As Emmanuel Macron has gathered the worst of the right and the worst of the left, the RN must gather the best of the right, and the best of the left."


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