Friday, 18 Jan 2019

Robbie Williams of X Factor Targets Las Vegas for New Tour

He has never left the United States, but Robbie Williams has set a goal of playing Las Vegas.

I can reveal that Judge X Factor, currently on tour with his show Heavy Entertainment in South America, dreamed of playing Sin City.

And he hopes his album Swing When You Wining will win an audience in the desert.

One source said, "Robbie's management is in talks with the entertainment bosses of Vegas and is currently exploring several options.

"They hope to have something concrete with dates on the agenda in the spring of 2019."

Robbie and his wife Ayda at the Pride of Britain Awards

Despite being a charming cheeky chappy, Robbie's music has not been adopted by the Yanks. Even his hit song of 1997, Angels, had very little impact, even reaching 53 in the Hot 100 Chart.

Five years ago, Robbie, 44, said he was happy to have had no impact in the United States because it was a place where he did not could be recognized.

But now, Robmeister has changed his mind and really wants the United States to let them entertain them, even if it's not pop music he's playing.

Another source adds, "Robbie likes to be successful, and he has long admitted that America simply did not accept his music, or that the audience was different and simply did not understand it.

Robbie alongside his fellow judges X Factor

"But Vegas is not all of America and is not looking for his home. He just planned a few dates to present his album Swing When You're Winning to a new, more open audience, but on a smaller scale. it happens for a moment.

"The fact that he is married to an American and his children grow up between California and the UK has also changed his perspective on the conquest of the country." He is frustrated that this is the only thing he has not succeeded in yet.

When he interviewed his emotions in the United States last year, he said, "Nobody knows who I am. I can watch them and they have to watch me – but they do not look because they do not know who I am.

"I do not like it, I want it to change."

Robbie recently left his role on the panel for a tour of South America

If Britney Spears can do it, Robbie can too …

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