Rocket League will be completely free next week

That was in July that Psyonix announced a transition to “free to play” for Rocket League. The change has been long overdue, however now the date is set and on September 23, the car football game will be free for everyone.

Share progress across platforms

The Free Rocket League gets a bunch of new challenges. Image: Psyonix

The relocation process begins this afternoon – Wednesday 16 September – with a major update that makes Rocket League ready for “free to play”. This includes, among other things, the ability to share progress across platforms, by connect everything to one Epic Games account.

Furthermore, Psyonix distributes so-called Legacy Status to existing Rocket League players, with tons of cosmetics and additional content as a thank you to everyone who rose before the game became free. The update also introduces various changes to the experience, such as changes to the game’s main menu, an updated soundtrack and a new level of difficulty for the game’s computer-controlled opponents.

The following week, September 23, will be the big free day – when Rocket League will be free on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The same day the game leaves Steam in favor of Epic Games Store, but Psyonix assures that those who already own the game can continue to play car football via Steam.

In addition to changing the PC store and financing model, the developer also entices with a new Rocket Pass, with cosmetic items to unlock. An (apparently Fortnite-inspired) event called Llama-Rama will also be held on September 23, but what it is about is not yet clear.

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