Rodrygo Goes and the success of modernity


Rodrygo Goes (Osasco, São Paulo; 2001) should not seem strange to be the first in some things, a pioneer in some way. He was born in the first days of the first month of a new century, then he must have been the oldest in the school class and his football talent has led him to start in Madrid, to be the best player of the last day of the League of Champions and the call with Brazil; With 18 years. Maybe that is one of the reasons for his sobriety, on and off the field. “I have a lot of calm and tranquility. As everyone tells me, I have to keep working, that's why I think things are going well & rdquor ;, He responded after scoring three goals against Galatasaray.

Rodrygo's story is not far from that of so many other Brazilian children who emerge in full adolescence. Many stay on the road, but Rodrygo has done it faster than almost everyone. Others suffer with adaptation, but the attacker has earned Zidane's trust based on work, rigor and order, as well as talent. “Everything is being very fast, but I am very happy with what is happening & rdquor;, he said after scoring against Leganés in the League.

He grew up in the quarry of Santos, where Juni Calafat, responsible for white scouts of the area, began to track him from the incipient moments of his career, with contacts and approaches that led to the arrival in Madrid eight years later without interference from other great Europeans, although it cost 45 million euros, still being a minor.

Son of a former soccer player who came to the second Brazilian category, Eric de Goes (35 years old), everyone who knows something about Rodrygo's private life highlights the moderation and prudence of the player and his environment, far from boasting and stridence Get away from football.

New model

Rodrygo's success is the success of the new signing policy of Madrid. The changes in the economic hegemonies of European football left the whites far from being able to undertake the signings of consolidated players that had been the backbone of their last stage of success. Florentino Pérez could no longer break the market with an astronomical investment and quickly regenerate a team (now the big names are anchored to infinite fortunes), so he gave himself up to the task of signing talent as young and promising, subject to the volatility of the maturation. That's how Vinicius was raised and that's how Rodrygo has triumphed. “He is not afraid. I love it when I see a young man play that way & rdquor ;, Benzema said after the game against Galatasaray.

Zidane already began to show his initial decisions: he drew attention was the loss of importance of Vinicius, but it was only the consequence of the growth of Rodrygo. And the story of the two is hopelessly intertwined.

The Spain of the late 90s, with emerging internet, assumed that the future had come with public chats and emulator downloads, and that it would stay that way. Something like this happened to Madrid with Vinicius, which he received, after an investment of 45 million euros, as the element on which the future would have to be built. It would be necessary to coexist with his problems the decision and the lack of goal.

However, a year later, also in exchange for the same 45 million euros but without the media impact of its predecessor, with less impact among the masses but with better criticism; Rodrygo arrived and, to the second, Madrid has found success.

The comparison with Raul

By age, by the irruption, by that ability to stand out without being the best at all, Rodrygo has unleashed a flood of comparisons with Raúl González. The two goals in six minutes in the first appearance as a starter in Europe have raised the illusions of Real Madrid with the Brazilian to the category of historical star. “Nothing surprises me about him, we know his quality, but he also works and does many things for the team & rdquor ;, Zidane said.

Rodrygo is not a spectacular player, his great virtue is not the overflow or imaginative solutions, his great power is efficiency. In his first months of white, he has demonstrated capacity for decision, work and definition, all that his competitors lack for the position.

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