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Demolished Novak Djokovic, of hills with Roland Garros to understand that both he and Dominic Thiem, his executioner yesterday, have been harmed by the organization of the great French, the poster of the final (15.00, DMAX and Eurosport) poses the same scenario as a year ago: Rafael Nadal against the Austrian. That is to say, again in the Chatrier, for the title, the king of the beaten earth and the successor that is postulated again and again, denied until now in the grandiose framework that sooner or later will surely be his.

The Spaniard points to his twelfth trophy in Paris, having completed the route to the big day with his immaculate tuxedo. Nadal arrives with the psychic injection of having beaten Roger Federer a couple of days before and with the unparalleled incentive to take another bite of history: to raise again the Cup of the Musketeers, his number of greats will rise to 18 and will be to only two of the Swiss, putting more land in between with respect to Djokovic (15).

"I do not know, you can ask them", answered the Serbian yesterday in a dry tone and pointing to the organizers, understanding that there is a flagrant imbalance because he linked three consecutive days on the track, a quarter in the case of having reached the final, while Nadal will attend the meeting today having intervened only on Tuesday and Friday. "The game has lasted four hours," commented the Spaniard yesterday to French television. "But it was divided in two days (due to Friday's suspension due to rain), so I do not think that would be an advantage for me," he said in a strategic sense.

At midday, while Djokovic and Thiem beat each other in the face of a dog, Nadal exchanged balls with Carlos Moya in training, while his other coach, Francis Roig, was reporting promptly on the course of the semi-final, mobile in hand. "It's the hardest I could find in the final, I have the utmost respect for him," explained the Manacor, knowing that he was actually telling a half-truth: yes, Thiem is hard to crack, but he had lost sight of the Serbian ogre. His nemesis, the man who more times (7) has defeated him in sand.

Nadal, before the thrust of successor Thiem

"Playing against Rafa on this court is the last challenge," the Austrian said. He was next on the list with four wins against the Balearic on this surface. "I played very well against him in Barcelona, ​​a few weeks ago, so I will try to do the same. I'm going to try to keep the positive emotions that I have right now, after this incredible day, "he prolonged after getting off the number one; "Against someone against Nadal, it is very important to play with the belief that you can beat him. This is the most important. For me it is a dream to win the title here, but at the same time I do not want to put too much pressure on myself. "

Shortly before, the preparer, the Chilean Nicolás Massú, had an impact on the magnitude of the challenge. "Dominic understands that he plays against the best player in history on this surface and one of the best in this sport, so for him this is a nice incentive. He has improved a lot mentally ", motivated the technician, with whom he has been working for three months after dispensing with his trainer and manager of all his life, the iron-fisted Günter Bresnik. "The most important thing is that he recovers physically well," continued Massú; "Obviously, if I could choose, I would ask for a free day to be in similar conditions, but sometimes things are happening differently. Unfortunately, we can not do anything to delay the final one day. "

Nadal, before the thrust of successor Thiem

Thiem will compete for the fourth day in a row and with two hours more in the legs than his rival (15h 25m, compared to 13h 24m), "full of adrenaline" having struck down Djokovic. However, the statistic weighs a lot, because in Nadal has never been in a final (3-0) or in the Bois de Boulogne (3-0). Educated athletically under a pseudo-military discipline – he was in the army, fulfilling the obligatory service for half a year, and Bresnik prepared him by crossing rivers of icy water with trunks on his shoulders – Thiem tried yesterday to abstract from the physical condition.

"I feel good," he said. "Fortunately I have not had very long matches before this one. I will not be tired, that will come after the tournament. I am ready to give everything, "exclaiming Roland Garros of the controversial programmatic decision on Friday. "It is not the first time that happens in tennis nor will it be the last. This is our sport We are used to it. Sometimes we do not know when we are going to play, so everything is fine ", closed at the doors of a almost impossible: knock down Nadal in Paris. Until today, only two tennis players have done it, Robin Soderling (2009) and Djokovic (2015).

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