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Roman Bürki: “It is not a question of money”

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WRoman Bürki is currently experiencing a lot of football professionals: on the one hand, they hope to be able to play again as quickly as possible – on the other hand, there are also fears as to what the risk of contagion will be if the game starts as planned in May.

In a video interview, the Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper commented on the effects of the Corona crisis on the Bundesliga and a possible extension of his contract, which expires in 2021.

“We will miss the fans very much,” says Roman Bürki about possible ghost games

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… about the days in the home office:

“It was very special to only be at home all the time. I got bored relatively quickly. I started reading books, which is rather unusual for me. I’m usually someone who plays a lot on Playstation. I was very happy that my girlfriend was still there and that we could do something together.

I also appreciated that we had been given “homework” and that there was the opportunity to train in groups of two at BVB in the gym. I watched a lot of videos to see which goalkeeper-specific exercises I can still do. ”

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… about the training backlog:

“You lose a bit of the ball feeling because you didn’t have the ball so often on your foot or in your hand. So it was a good thing that we were able to train on the pitch again at the beginning of last week. I think I can quickly make up for what I missed in the previous weeks.

It could be a little more difficult for the field players. In training we try to do exercises with a certain competitive character, but we can still only train in small groups. We cannot play eleven against eleven. ”

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… the uncertainty of when to play again:

“Of course we ask ourselves: When exactly is it going to start again? Nobody can currently answer this question correctly. But it is our job to prepare as best we can to be ready when the time comes. We definitely want to play again as soon as possible. “

… about ghost games

“We already have experience with this. When we played in the Champions League in Paris, we could hear the fans who were then right in front of the stadium well. Still, it wasn’t pleasant for us at all. It is a special situation. With our support, our fans in particular ensure that we can get a few percentage points more. We will miss you very much.

But ghost games seem to be the only way to make people happy. Then you can at least watch the games on TV. It’s also about keeping jobs in the clubs. ”

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… about the fear of being infected when playing games:

“Honestly: Of course we talk about it in player circles. It should be the case that only the healthy players should play. But the test result can look completely different from one day to the next. We all touch the same balls. There is sweat on the ball, but headballs are made. We are already concerned. But I trust that those responsible will find a good solution because we all want to be back on the pitch soon. ”

… about the waiver of salaries of many professionals:

“Footballers have a certain reputation. It is no accident. There are also players who like to show what they earn and what they can afford. But I would not lump all people or all footballers together. Because many players have been responsible even before Corona. However, I think it is now an opportunity to show that we also want to do our part to help people.

Many lead by example by helping their clubs by foregoing salary or by supporting social projects. This crisis is also an opportunity to make football look better. ”

Waiver of salary? “Want to help the club”

Borussia Dortmund’s professionals forego part of their salary during the Corona crisis. For BVB captain Marco Reus this goes without saying, if you want to help the club.

… about the extension of his contract:

“We decided together that we will only come back to this topic after this difficult time. There are more important things at the moment. But I believe that there will be no question of money between BVB and me.

The club has to get through this difficult phase well, and we players have to play again in order to be able to at least give people some pleasure. After that we will continue to talk to each other. “

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