Romance Story of Homo Praka P Soldiers, Making Love in Hotels to LDR

The two soldiers were involved in a same kind of romance. – The love story of Praka P and Pratu M made the public excited because of their different relationships homosexual.

Their romance with men ended in dismissal as members of the TNI.

Praka P was found guilty of liking the same sex by the Semarang Military Court. Private Chief P was sentenced to 1 year in prison.

Reporting from the – the network, Praka P is proven to have had a husband-and-wife relationship with his junior fellow soldiers who are also male. He is Pratu M. Praka P’s homosexual romance began in 2017.

He met a fellow TNI soldier, Pratu M. The two of them met on Instagram and ended up meeting.

Their first sex was in a military hostel. This relationship continued until even though Praka P was assigned to Lebanon on a military mission.

Long story short, after returning home, Praka P again contacted Pratu M. They met and returned to having a husband and wife relationship.

Praka P and Pratu M have sex at a hotel in Ungaran, Semarang.

In his indictment, Praka P was charged with violating Article 103 paragraph 1 of the Military Criminal Code, which is not obeying the order of service.

Same-sex couple illustration (Shutterstock).

The service order in question is the TNI Commander’s Telegram Letter Number ST / 1648/2019 dated 22 October 2019 concerning the Prohibition of TNI Soldiers and PNS and their families from having same-sex relations.

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