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Romsdalsaksen: Breach of trust by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration – rbnett.no

The revelations through Tidens Krav om Vegvesen region Midt (SVVM)’s handling of the so-called “report” of Romsdalsaksen are serious reading. Equally serious is the lack of reaction from the leader of the transport committee Helge Orten and the Minister of Transport Knut Arild Hareide.

Should the road authority, which is directly subordinate to these leaders in Norwegian society, be allowed to manipulate the basis for political treatment in order for them to get through poor solutions. Bad solutions that have been worked out through the back rooms by Helge Orten, who states in Romsdals Budstikke: “I assume the Norwegian Public Roads Administration can calculate relatively quickly what a tunnel under Veøya would cost. But the report will not delay anything around the Møre axis ».

Another example of Orten’s opposition to an honest and impartial investigation of the ferry-free crossing of Romsdalsfjorden.

There are no missing calculations of the SVVM case here. There is a lack of trust in SVVM and the leader of the transport committee in the Storting. The revelations through Tidens Krav are just the tip of the iceberg, and confirm the need for an impartial investigation.

According to Tidens Krav and other sources, SVVM has:

– Did not respond to instructions from the Minister to present cheaper solutions

– Has added costs for Romsdalsaksen to make it inedible

– As an agency, has worked politically in consultation with politicians

– Has presented insurmountable costs for the study of Romsdalsaksen to the county council.

– Advances in extreme tunnel solutions and roundabouts through densely populated areas – goes against the guidelines for national trunk roads

– Does not follow up national environmental requirements and prioritization of soft road users

– Wrote off Sekkfast in the concept selection study (KVU) – omitted study

– Excluded Eksportvegen E136 and Rauma municipality from societal benefits and housing / labor market analyzes

– Operates with unreliable and non-transparent traffic analyzes – Pointed out by KS1

Romsdalsaksen is happy to show up and contributes to all relevant alternatives for ferry-free crossing of Romsdalsfjorden is thoroughly reviewed by neutral actors with legitimacy.

Overseas panorama with arm over to Åfarnes is Romsdalsaksen’s clear first choice. A thorough and fair cost study and associated study is overdue – and must be carried out for there to be peace in our otherwise scenic county.

The ferry-free E39 project applies to the entire section Ålesund – Molde, and along the section Breivika – Ørskogfjellet are the biggest challenges in terms of traffic volume, accidents and accessibility. Here, too, SVVM has failed. The planning work is only just starting up because they have used all the resources on an outdated and undesirable Møreakse.
Here, the effort must be increased so that the work can get started.

Jørn Inge Løvik, general manager of Romsdalsaksen AS


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