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Ronaldinho is finally arrested for entering Paraguay with a false passport

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The Brazilian international Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto was arrested on Friday in the case of falsifying passports with those who entered Paraguay, shortly after a judge raised his case to the State Attorney General’s Office and clarified that they were free to leave the country.

The arrest occurred at a hotel in Assumption where they were and was carried out by personnel of the Department against Organized Crime, in the cause of use of documents of false content.

The Public Ministry reported that both were taken to the Specialized Group, a police headquarters in Asunción that also functions as a prison and welcomes drug traffickers and politicians involved in corruption cases.

The operation was carried out after the judge Mirko Valinotti resorted to the opposition process to deny the “abbreviated procedural exit” with which the prosecutor of the case, Federico Delfino, benefited on Thursday, on the basis that both contributed “relevant data” to the investigation.

Delfino requested the payment by the two brothers of an amount that would be destined to social works, with which both were separated from the cause.

Valinotti explained after the hearing on the imposition of measures to Ronaldo and Roberto Assis Moreira, that the State Attorney General’s Office should now rectify or ratify the procedural exit raised by the fiscal representative, and within ten days.

Subsequently, the Public Ministry disclosed the document that resolved the rectification of that request for procedural exit application, which preceded the arrest warrant.

Five arrested

At the same hearing the judge resolved the preventive detention for the Brazilian businessman Wilmondes Sousa, who was arrested Wednesday night at the hotel where the two brothers are staying.

Sousa was charged one day later for using public documents of false content, criminal association and production of public document of false document.

The judge also ruled house arrest for the Paraguayan María Isabel Gayoso and Esperanza Apolonia Caballero, arrested on Thursday and charged for using public documents of false content.

Both were arrested on suspicion of having been the people who requested the expedition and collected passports that were later adulterated in the name of Ronaldinho and his brother, who is also the business representative of the ex-cellist.

The brothers of Assis Moreira arrived in Paraguay for the presentation of a charity project for Paraguayan children to which the Milan exastro had to put his image, in addition to the launch of a book of his own.

These acts were to be held this Thursday, one day before the arrival of both at the Asuncion airport and entered with those documents manipulated. That night, tax agents seized those documents at the hotel where both were staying, which they spent the night in police custody.


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