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Ronaldinho shoots jail buddies to triumph – as a premium suckling pig

Ronaldinho shoots jail buddies to triumph – for a 16 kg suckling pig

Former world footballer Ronaldinho is still in custody in Paraguay. The Brazilian and his brother, ex-Sion star Roberto Assis, are accused of entering the country with fake passports.

To pass the time behind bars, Ronaldinho took part in an in-house soccer game. Although he didn’t just take part, the 39-year-old left his mark on the game. In his team’s 11-2 win, he scored five goals and gave the assists to the six other hits.

A 16 kilogram suckling pig waved as a prize. It is not known whether Ronaldinho’s team shared the meal with the losing team. And that “the real” Ronaldo is now considering going to Paraguay with fake passports, shouldn’t be more than a malicious assumption…

Just yesterday, Ronaldinho’s lawyers were flashed again with an application to convert detention into house arrest. A court in Paraguay’s capital Asuncion considers the risk of flight to be too great. Lionel Messi is also said to be turned on in the case. The Argentine, who followed Ronaldinho as a brilliant playmaker at FC Barcelona, ​​is to support his friend with four million dollars so that he can pay lawyers. (R.A.M)

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Life has changed drastically for Italians in the past few days. Since the measures to combat the corona virus have been tightened, people should stay at home if possible.

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