Rory Stewart, eccentric candidate, captivates in the debate without Johnson


«How will you negotiate with the other 27 members of the European Union

someone who does not come to discuss with five rather friendly colleagues? ",

said Jeremy Hunt pointing to the empty lectern that Channel 4 television

had destined the favorite candidate to be the next prime

British minister.

Boris Johnson will participate on Tuesday, after the second vote for the

members of the conservative parliamentary group, in a debate with whom

have passed the threshold of 33 votes or have not been last if

everyone exceeds it, but refused to participate in Channel 4 because

He did not like the format.

It was an impost excuse. The advantage it has over its rivals is

such that debates are an unnecessary risk, when the future leader

British will not be elected by the population but by the deputies and

affiliates of the party. There were a couple of critical mentions to his

absence, but the harassed was Dominic Raab.

The former minister of 'brexit', who resigned after the presentation of the

EU Withdrawal Agreement agreed in November 2018, announced to the

principle of the campaign that is willing to use the powers of the

prime minister to close the Parliament if he objects to allow a

march without exit.

The small audience in the studio where the debate was held

applauded those who criticized Raab – the other four candidates-

suspend democracy to execute his plan. It did not work out well,

but insisted that he does not want the abrupt 'brexit' although it is necessary

keep it to negotiate.

"We all say that the march without agreement would damage our economy.

How is the negotiating position improved by telling the EU that

we reach an agreement or I leave without agreement, which I have already said that

Would it hurt my economy? Rory Stewart's question was left without



Stewart is the only candidate who discards the 'abrupt brexit. With the

support of an audience that often applauded their interventions,

criticized others for adopting an attitude of "machismo",

presenting themselves as "hard men", who are going to change an Agreement of

Withdrawn when it is impossible.

Michael Gove will succeed in eliminating the unpopular Irish safeguard,

because in his ministerial career he would have shown his capacity to

achieve the impossible. Jeremy Hunt would do it for his skills

negotiators. Sajid Javid, offering Ireland the payment of all

costs of installing the technology on the border between the two


What weaknesses do candidates have to be prime minister?

asked a member of the audience. Gove, his impatience, that

became a virtue. Raab, his restlessness, also virtuous. Javid and

Hunt acknowledged errors for his stubbornness, after Stewart

He expressed his ignorance about many facets of the world.

Rory Stewart is the peculiar candidate of this election, he breaks the

mold of the know-it-all politician and expresses himself naturally; as well

with apparent ingenuity. The bookmakers register the

growth of its popularity and also the likelihood of it being

removed on Tuesday. The absent, Johnson, will enter the scene after this

calm prologue.


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