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The company, which transferred a 9.6% stake in Rosneft from the Rosneftegaz stake, was RN-NeftKapitalInvest. It is 100% owned by Rosneft

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The state-owned company Rosneftegaz has reduced its stake in Rosneft from 50% plus one share to 40.4%, it follows from the message of Rosneft.

The owner of a 9.6% stake (1 017 425 070 pcs.) Rosneft became its 100% subsidiary – the company RN-NeftKapitalInvest. On the eve of Rosneft reported that the authorized capital of RN-NeftKapitalInvest increased by 110 billion rubles., Interfax said, adding that Rosneft also withdrew from Grupo Rosneft C.A. (Venezuela), Rosneft Energia GmbH (Frankfurt), Petrovictoria S.A. (Venezuela) and the National Petroleum Consortium.

Rosneft on March 28 announced the termination of work in Venezuela. The company said it was selling its then unnamed company, owned by the Russian government, its business in Venezuela, including all assets and trading operations. In exchange, Rosneft was supposed to receive its own 9.6% stake, which it would put on the balance sheet of one of its subsidiaries.

Later it became known that the Federal Property Management Agency on the same day (March 28) established a new company, Roszarubezhneft, which should also be involved in the production and transportation of oil and oil (associated) gas. The authorized capital of the company amounted to 322.7 billion rubles. It is wholly owned by the Federal Property Management Agency.

Rosneft announced the termination of work in Venezuela

Photo: Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters


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