Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

Rouhani warns weakened Iran less able to fight against trafficking

Tehran, Iran – President Hassan Rouhani warns Western countries that they will face a massive influx of drugs if Iran is weakened by US sanctions.

Mr. Rouhani spoke in Tehran Saturday at a six-nation conference on counterterrorism, which was attended by representatives of parliaments from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan , Turkey, China and Russia.

In an address broadcast on state television, Rouhani said a weakened Iran would be less able to fight drug trafficking. Iran is on an important drug route between Afghanistan and Europe and the Persian Gulf states. Each year, it burns about 100 tons of narcotics seized, symbol of its determination to fight against drugs.

The Iranian economy is in full swing after the re-imposition of US sanctions lifted as part of the nuclear deal between Tehran and the world powers. President Donald Trump has withdrawn the United States from the agreement and has begun to reinstate the sanctions.

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