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Rovinescu invests in Switch Health, targeted by the Commissioner of Official Languages

Former Air Canada President and CEO, now retired Calin Rovinescu, recently became a shareholder in Ontario’s Switch Health, which is currently the subject of an investigation by the Languages ​​Commissioner. official.

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Switch Health Holdings is this young company from Toronto, retained by the federal government in 2020 to manage the COVID-19 tests of travelers arriving in the country from abroad.

Unilingual English services, unreasonable waiting times, misplaced withdrawals … Our reports highlighted multiple shortcomings in the services provided by this company.

However, on October 27, this same private company announced in a press release that Calin Rovinecu had been added to the number of investors in Switch Health Holdings and that he became, at the same time, senior advisor to his young team, headed by a certain Dilian Stoyanov.

Dozens of complaints

“I was extremely impressed by the liveliness and responsiveness of Switch Health, as well as by the scale of its evolution, especially during the COVID-19 crisis,” Calin Rovinescu said in a press release.

One of the most frequent criticisms against Switch Health concerns its apparent difficulty in serving travelers in French at the home sampling stage, at the end of their confinement.

In response, 27 complaints were filed with the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, which subsequently confirmed that it had initiated investigations into several alleged breaches. The results of these surveys are not yet known.

Under the Official Languages ​​Act, federal institutions have an obligation to ensure that services offered by third parties on their behalf can be provided in both English and French.

Likewise, the public must also be able to communicate with their agents in one of the official languages ​​of their choice.


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