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Roxanne would punish her young man…

The star couple finished their joint tour, whispered on the net

Popular singer Roxana is about to divorce her second husband, who is significantly younger than her.

In a major interview for Nova TV, the scene did not explain exactly what the problem was between the two, but he was categorical: “God forgives, but I’m not God. But you don’t live only with compromise and forgiveness, because they start to become a habit and lose their value. I don’t want to say anything more because our relationship is undoubtedly shaken, but I don’t know what will happen tomorrow.”

The 37-year-old popular singer has two sons from two different men. The great Daniel Dimitrov is already 21 years old and has taken his own path. The child, the fruit of love with Alexander, bears his name. A few days ago, the two showed on social networks how they are going through another crisis, Hotnews.bg remembers. In the interview, Roxana says that the thing she can’t agree with is the palace, and she is sincerely upset by the outbreak. “I see kids in discos doing scary things. Even the behavior of my colleagues disgusts me”, Roxana commented.

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