Rudi Vervoort in favor of coronapass on the Danish model: “For those who have been vaccinated, this must translate into a change”

Speaking during a debate organized on the RTL-TVI platform, Mr. Vervoort showed himself open to the Danish coronapass solution to give the Belgians more freedom.

“For those who have been vaccinated, this must translate into a change. We cannot tell them that they will have to wait for the skeptics to decide. As soon as the entire population has had the opportunity to be vaccinated , at that time, it seems to me quite legitimate to set up a system of this type “, estimated the Brussels Minister-President.

However, this introduction could only be done in an orderly manner and in conjunction with the European certificate that the European Commission presented to facilitate travel abroad, he pleaded.

Denmark recently introduced a coronapass system. By means of an application installed on their mobile phone, Danes can prove that they are vaccinated against Covid, or that they are now naturally immune to it. The tool allows others to prove that they have had a negative PCR test within the previous 72 hours. With this evidence, they can then go for example to the hairdresser, to the restaurant, to the gym, etc.

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