Rufián (ERC) asks for support for Nicolás Maduro's party in the Canary Islands

The deputy of ERC, Gabriel Rufián, has joined the electoral campaign in the Canary Islands with the Bolivarian coalition Ahora Canarias, which is the result of the union of the initials of ANC, the Canary Islands National Congress founded by Antonio Cubillo (Mpaiac) and People's Unity.

Rufián Romero has asked for a "free Canary Islands" and has confirmed the current policy of the Bolivarian Platform of the Canary Islands, the institutional arm of Nicolás Maduro and Diosdado Cabello in the islands, which will defend the independence of the islands from the Congress of Deputies. The insular coalition forms part of the EH Bildu and ERC lists for the European elections on May 26.

💚From #AhoraCanarias we thank @gabrielrufian for his message of support.

📩 On May 26, vote Now Canarias, vote Now Repúblicas.

📣 United we are stronger. # AhoraRepúblicas AhoraCanarias (@AhoraCanarias)

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