Rugby World Cup: Penaud, Ntamack, Penaud and Ollivon, four assets for the Blues


There was Blanco, Sella, Gallion, or Castaignède, Dominici or Dusautoir, players capable of changing the destiny of the Blues. This Saturday morning (9:15), against Argentina in Tokyo, for their entry into the World Cup, the Habs will rely on including Dupont, Ntamack, Penaud and Ollivon, four exceptional talents that can change the thread of a match.

Dupont the blaster

At the age of 22, the Toulouse scrum half-time champion of France is at the top of his game. Small ball of muscles (1.74 m; 85 kg) with blazing acceleration and incredible support, Antoine Dupont, who scored 3 tries in 17 selections, is able to sow disorder in all defenses. Today, it has acquired in addition a maturity in the transmission of the game and an application in its releases at the foot which make it a major and unavoidable element of the XV of France.

Ntamack the game master

Romain, Emile's son, knows how to make everything balloon in his hands. So much so that at barely twenty years old, he already has eight selections in the Tricolores. The only problem so far, the gifted, formed at the opening, has often been shifted to the center for the needs of his club, Stade Toulouse. The staff of the Bleus has nevertheless entrusted him with the reins, focusing on his technical skills, his eye, and his appetite for play. He will also have the mission to shoot at goal. One more responsibility for a player who seems hermetic to any pressure.

Sheepish rocket

With a size of athlete (1.88 m, 94 kg), the Clermont winger is a thoroughbred in the tradition of the greatest. The slightest interval gives him crazy strides and spectacular breakthroughs. But Damian, the son of Alain, former opener of the XV of France, also knows how to sniff the good shots and improve badly shipped actions. In 13 selections, he has already scored 5 tries. Interesting statistics for a boy who will turn 23 on September 25th.

Ollivon the miracle

The third Toulon line is on the water right now. Given lost for rugby after multiple operations following a fracture of a shoulder blade followed by complications, Charles Ollivon remained practically two years without playing. Here he is back, like a rocket, just at the right time to participate in the World Cup, at 26 and with 8 selections. Its speed and activity are amazing for a two-meter player.


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