Rule of law in Poland: Wallonia and the FWB close their official representation in Warsaw

Elio Di Rupo and Pierre-Yves Jeholet thus wish to react to the “multiple drifts of Polish power in recent years. “

Lhe Walloon Minister-Presidents and of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation have decided to close, for an indefinite period, the Wallonia-Brussels General Delegation in the Polish capital, Warsaw. This is the official Wallonia-Brussels political representation in Poland.

Elio Di Rupo and Pierre-Yves Jeholet thus wish to react to the “multiple drifts of Polish power in recent years”, mainly in the field of justice, with a controversial reform accused by Europe of undermining the independence of the judiciary, but also regarding the rights of LGBTI people. Municipalities which declare themselves “free from LGBT ideology” are indeed not uncommon in Poland, a phenomenon that the government dominated by the PiS (Law and Justice party) does not discourage.

Via press release, the minister-presidents also evoke “more and more attacks on freedom of the press”, as many examples of a Polish power “which threatens European values ​​and which contravenes the principle of the State of law “.

In the midst of the European budget debate

The announcement comes in the midst of a European debate on the budget and the EU stimulus instrument, blocked this week by Poland and Hungary in opposition to a mechanism linking funds to respect for the rule of law. Warsaw and Budapest feel particularly threatened by this mechanism, especially since the two States are subject to an “article 7” procedure for the threats observed to the principles of the rule of law.

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“The closure of our official political representation is a strong political signal that we want to send to the Polish authorities but there is no question of abandoning, in a country where the rule of law is violated, the actors on the ground Polish (academic, cultural, societal and economic) who share our values, a presence without a diplomat in charge of post will therefore be maintained ”, specify Elio Di Rupo and Pierre-Yves Jeholet.


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