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Rumor: iPhone 12 would approach a future without a port thanks to 802.11ay Wi-Fi

by drbyos

The Japanese site Macotakara launches the latest rumor regarding the iPhones that Apple is slated to introduce in September and will be called the iPhone 12 for simplicity. Apple could use a new Wi-Fi standard, noted 802.11ay, but sometimes also known as the second generation WiGig. This standard will not be used to connect your iPhone to a local network, it will on the other hand speed up exchanges over short distances.

Apple hopes to remove the Lightning port from 2021 and 802.11ay Wi-Fi could help it move in this direction (image MacGeneration).

802.11ay Wi-Fi is in fact thought to allow two nearby compatible devices to exchange on the 60 GHz frequency band. Under optimal conditions, data rates can reach up to 40 GB / s, which implies in particular that there is no physical obstacle between the two elements. This standard is associated with 802.11ax Wi-Fi, better known as Wi-Fi 6, which has been adopted by Apple since last year.

What could it be used for? The obvious use that Apple could make of it would be a much faster AirDrop, for quickly exchanging files between two nearby iPhone 12s. But it’s probably not the most important use. This 60 GHz band has already been used by Essential, for the range of accessories that came to magnetize on the back of his smartphone. Apple could be closer to an iPhone without connectors, with Wi-Fi 802.11ay which would be used to transfer data, including from a computer. According to some corridor noises, the first iPhone without port could be released in 2021.

The Essential Audio Adapter HD, a DAC held on the back of the smartphone by magnets and which receives its data by a 60 GHz chip (image Android Police).

The final version of the standard is not expected before the end of the year, but Apple could use it in advance, especially if it is limited at the start. We could imagine an AirDrop improved only between iPhone 12 to start, on the same model as the UWB chip which has only a reduced role for the time being. Note in passing that Qualcomm had taken the lead in the field, since the Snapdragon 855 presented in 2019 already incorporates all that is needed for this function.

Macotakara take this opportunity to slip two other rumors. On the one hand, the Japanese site estimates that Apple could keep an iPhone with LCD panel, where Ming-Chi Kuo in particular has been talking for several months about a 2020 range completely switched to OLED. Would the current iPhone 11 stay in the lineup with a simple processor change? We won’t know any more.

Finally,AIRTAG, this object tracker that Apple has to launch sooner or later, could be inductive recharged according to these rumors. It is quite logical, we imagined a system closer to the Apple Watch rather than a Lighting or USB-C port on the tracker, but here is one more rumor to confirm it.


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