Rumor of yellow jackets dead in Montpellier: "not impossible that there is real" (video)


A rumor evoking one, then two yellow jackets dead, victims of LBD shots in Montpellier during the demonstration on Saturday 8 spread on social networks. The authorities clearly denied, and the administrator of the main channel to have relayed it acknowledged having "maybe made a mistake"while judging "not impossible that there is real" and that dead have not been revealed.

Difficult to identify the first source of the rumor, but this one swelled with the video showing a man in street-medic's view that a CRS confirmed him the death of a person: "Normally we do not have the right to talk about it, it's a woman of a certain age, she took a shot of LBD in the head"he says.

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A second video was broadcast, directed by Gabin Formont, launcher Lived, the media of the yellow vests, which was particularly illustrated by denying a fake news about a Belgian allegedly dead during a demonstration.

In the video, the young man explains, that two women died as a result of LBD shooting and that a person would be in a coma. The information will be denied by the authorities, the prefecture specifying that the LBD were not used during this event.

This Sunday Gabin Formont reacted by detailing how he got this information. He explains that a group of people told him that "Emergency doctor took his phone and called his friends in hospitals", which "confirmed". He claims to have been suspicious of this information far from being direct, but to have contacted a man posing as "the head of street medics Montpellier", who also reportedly told him that an emergency doctor had confirmed the information.

"I used the conditional", he recalls. If he recognizes that he may have made a mistake, Gabin Formont remains cautious about the absence of a victim. "We're not sure it's not true." "I saw people motionless, their heads bleeding", he says. It also states that LBDs have been used as evidenced by the "injuries to the arms and shins" that he has noticed. And also to argue: "Just look at everything that happened last month, the fake news of Castaner on Pitié-Salpétrière, the wounded hidden by the media …".

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